Actress and businesswoman extraordinaire, Sofia Vergara, has been a client of The Kraze Agency since the beginning in 2014. We first began working with the Modern Family star with the launch of her first fragrance, Sofia by Sofia Vergara, in partnership with another Kraze client Parlux Fragrances, and we quickly became the digital agency for all things Sofia. Over the past four years, we've worked on nearly a dozen projects with Sofia; elevating her overall social presence, strategizing her digital campaigns, and producing original content starring Sofia for her numerous business ventures.



  • Grow and engage Sofia Vergara's existing social channels (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), as well as evaluate additional digital opportunities
  • Strategize and execute digital campaigns for Sofia Vergara's business partners, including Head & Shoulders, Covergirl, Parlux Fragrances, Kay Jewelers, AT&T, and EBY.
  • Develop and produce original photo, video, and editorial content with and without Sofia


Sofia loves posting to social media and her fans love to keep up with everything she's doing, so it has always been our goal to develop branded and non-branded content for her channels that reflects the authenticity seen in her organic social posts.

With that in mind, we are oftentimes developing content series around topics and activities that she already enjoys. As an example, to promote her Tempting fragrance, we shot multiple webisodes of Sofia showing fans how to take the perfect tempting selfie, a tasty look at her tempting indulgences, and her love of cotton candy (she has a cotton candy machine at her house... jealous?).

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 2.23.01 PM.png


From entire websites to newsletters, Facebook Live to multi-day video productions, we've conceptualized, scripted, produced, and executed a countless number of creative projects with Sofia and her brand partners over the years.

Our video series for the launch of Sofia's second fragrance, Tempting, was nominated for Social Media Campaign of the Year at The Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2017.